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Our Process

The creative industry on a small or large scale is a significant and vital economic contributor. We build, educate and empower the local South African and African creative industries and believe in the necessity of cultivating and supporting this sector through 8 key Areas of Impact. With a database of creatives and industry experts, we direct and connect vision, talent, skill and product.

Our Process

Targeted Procurement

8tones connects local, township and rural creatives to the mainstream marketplace here in South Africa and the rest of the world. We are procurement supply chain specialists in retail, manufacturing services, and locally made products. Most local creatives require a formalised route to market for their products – whether it be wholesalers, major retailers, B2C or online sales. We source proudly African and work with potential creatives, assisting in formalising their final product, ensuring quality meets market expectations while helping to navigate their products into the formal marketplace.

How we do this

  • Source and competitively position locally made creatives and manufacturers.
  • Facilitate and empower the local creative industry increasing its’ competitive advantage in the marketplace.
  • Implement and monitor quality control procedures so products meet retail standards
  • Be a strategic partner offering a unique ability to influence a wide range of value measures for both creatives and corporates, aligning procurement and supply chain strategy.
  • Source for and manage companies procurement plans and strategies to assist them in supporting the local economy and reducing their expenditures on sourced goods.
  • Create tailor made catalogues specific to clients’ needs.
Our Process

Product Development and Innovation

With an extensive multicultural creative and educational background we provide solutions, masterclasses and innovative ideas for creatives to expand product range, further develop ideas and fine tune existing products.


We challenge existing creatives to think outside the box and apply new and relevant ideas and concepts to their designs by:

  • Understanding the vision and mission.
  • Step by step process on brand/collection development and how to start.
  • Trend Analysis and Brand Identity.
  • Processes, structures and systems needed.
    Tech packs for designed products.
  • Coaching and setting systematic goals and tasks.
  • Providing necessary suppliers, resources and networks.
  • Develop a comprehensive Operations Manual.
  • Staff training/workshops to impart brand vision and ethos.
  • Auditing and Quality Control of the existing product range.
Our Process

Partnering with Retailers and Packaging Companies to Source Local Goods

With the emphasis and importance of buying local, supporting local and rebuilding the South African economy, we bridge the gap between retailers and local creatives. We link the two and project manage the production process to ensure all products developed and sourced meet the retailer’s expectations and quality control standards. 

We have an extensive database and work with numerous creatives in:

  • Gifting
  • Fashion and Textile
  • Wire and Wood Work
  • Homeware and Decor
  • Basket and Carpet Weaving
  • Ceramics
  • Corporate Wear
  • Branding

Retailers provide their catalogue and specs of what they are looking for and we product develop and/or source the right creative for the job. Through project managing all the productions, we relieve both the creative and the retailer and provide smooth delivery of quality products that meet all delivery demands and timelines.

Our Process

Clothing and Textile based manufacturing

We partner and manage CMTs within local townships and communities that provide local employment and uplift the economy. We believe manufacturing skills within the local retail industry need to be nurtured and grown. Local talent and manufacturing provide a competitive and real solution for companies and retailers’ textile manufacturing needs.

Through auditing and implementing CMT processes and quality control procedures, we help streamline CMT facilities to reduce wastage and produce quality products that meet retail expectations and standards.


Services and Assessments Offered

  • Comprehensive audits
  • Interview of team members to assess skill levels
  • Perfecting the sampling process
  • Production chain and floor plan
  • Efficiency, effectiveness and time management
  • Staff management and accountability
  • Evaluate staff roles/team members and responsibilities
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Patterns and Tech Packs
  • Evaluate quality control procedures
  • Comprehensive Operations’ Manual – conception to delivery.
Our Process

Route to Market Incubation Workshops

For creatives looking for route to market strategies, raw material sourcing, best practices and better financial management tools, we hold and facilitate 3 day workshops and training with our network of experts and route to market strategists.

Topics covered include

  • Product development
  • Networking and collaborations – innovative design
  • Sourcing materials
  • Branding and packaging
  • Production processes implementation
  • Quality control implementation
  • Understanding true production costs and overheads
  • Understanding target market and competitors
  • Profitable pricing
  • Financial and administrative management
  • Statutory compliance
  • Develop funding application readiness
  • Contract negotiation and management
Our Process

Clothing and Manufacturing Education

With 19 years of fashion education experience, we provide SETA accredited training in  both fashion and clothing manufacturing. Oftentimes, community members, youth and people with disabilities are unable to travel the distance to fashion institutions, so we work with NGOs to bring education to the community. We offer short and long term courses that give practical employable skills within the South African clothing and manufacturing industry.


Course offered include:

  • Garment construction
  • Pattern construction
  • Textiles
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Design
  • Rating & Costing
  • Laying & Cutting
  • Sourcing
  • Finishing and Packaging
  • Costing
Our Process

Operational On the Job Training

We facilitate and implement training programmes within the creative, fashion and clothing manufacturing space to upskill on the job. We assist CMTs and Fashion Houses to train staff, meet deadlines and implement quality control procedures. Our team works closely with management to design specific training and outcomes to alleviate continued shortcomings within existing production lines. We believe in the necessity of ongoing training for staff that links directly with product specs, trends and the specific needs of the manufacturer.

Some of the courses we cover

  • Understanding textile and fabric rating to minimize wastage
  • Quality Control Processes.
  • Management workshops to create efficient management style and procedures.
  • Staff upskilling that are tailor-made and specific to production needs.
  • Team building and communication to ensure all members understand cultural diversity, production goals and objectives.
Our Process

Skills Transfer/Placements

As we work and train within communities and have an extensive database of local creatives and fashion graduates, we try to match skills with jobs and place candidates within established brands, CMTs and fashion institutions. Through skills transfers and job placements we endeavour to assist graduates with work placement internships and employment opportunities.


We look to place candidates within the creative industries who hold transferable skills such as:

  • Creativity
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Multi-tasking
  • Critical thinking
  • Communication
  • Technical aptitude
Our consulting agency is here to work hand in hand with creatives, corporates and retailers to support and grow the South African and African creative economy. Through procurement, product development, education and manufacturing we assist in navigating the most efficient way to achieve the highest quality outcome.

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