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For Retailers in the formal sector looking to support and buy local, we source, procure and connect you to the right creatives and products ensuring best practice, product excellence and price competitiveness.

For Creatives we offer and provide real solutions and avenues that empower and give you a seat at the table. Whether already established and looking to reinvent or expand product range or if you are just starting up - we are here to make the journey easier. We assist in the process of bringing products and visions to life. We work closely with you and give step by step solutions to ensure your product quality meets market expectations.

Route to Market we guide, educate, and partner with both creatives and retailers to support and grow the local creative economy.



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The 8tones team plays a supportive role to both creatives and retailers by bridging the gap between the two. We believe the local creative and manufacturing industry should be accessible to all. Whether we work with retail outlets, buyers, packaging companies, CMTs, start up brands, NGOs or more established organizations we bring passion for local creativity and product excellence to every job.

  • Targeted Procurement
  • Product Development and Innovation
  • Partnering with Retailers and Packaging Companies to source locally produced goods
  • Management of Clothing and Textile based manufacturing
  • Route to Market Incubation Workshops
  • Clothing and Manufacturing Education
  • Operational On the Job Training
  • Skills Transfer/Placements

We are procurement supply chain specialists in retail, manufacturing services, and locally made products. We source proudly African and identify and work with retailers and potential creatives. We assist in formalising final products, ensuring quality meets market expectations while helping to navigate products into the formal marketplace.


8tones has got decades of practical knowledge, experience and insight that will help you make better business decisions and stay on track in even the most challenging and uncertain environments.


We are all about building and empowering local creative businesses and developing quality products that meet retail expectations and demands. We know how to procure, develop and place brands into the formal marketplace. We nurture and foster relationships that you need to create long term value for your business.

For short or long-term projects or retainer-based assignments, 8tones will guide, develop and support you to implement your plans – from route to market, or for different phases along the way. We help you navigate the local creative landscape, develop products, implement operational processes and build relationships that you need for the future success of your business.

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8tones has been responsible for the manufacturing and branding of our corporate clothing since 2020. They have continued to provide us with excellent service and we love how they use township based businesses to provide high quality products and to build the township economy. From design to manufacturing, they deliver and always meet deadlines. Thank you 8tones for your excellent service and support of the informal creative sector.

It has been such a pleasure doing business with 8tones. We have had a variety of printing needs with big quantities and very quick turnarounds and regardless of what we have requested, 8tones always finds a way to do it. 8tones’s team are efficient communicative and go above and beyond to deliver high quality products on time. The Music In Africa Foundation has used the services of 8tones from supplying us with products for corporate gifting internationally to printing services (large and small scale). We appreciate that they have been able to service some really out of the box requests from us flawlessly.

8tones has been vital in the work of product development. We approached Lorraine & Bruno with a prototype/concept and they were able to help us turn our concept into a market-ready product within 6 months. The vast knowledge and expertise between Lorraine & Bruno make 8tones one of the best companies I didn’t know I needed. From consultation, to product development and go-to-market strategy, this dynamic duo is a must, for all businesses who are looking to become more than just a business, but a brand.

Building township businesses is difficult, especially in the textile industry. We faced many challenges in our CMT in Orange Farm, Gauteng. Even though we had a good relationship with a corporate buyer, we really struggled to consistently meet timelines and product quality standards required of us by our client. 8tones fundamentally changed our profitability by introducing an operating discipline that used standardised processes and routines to ensure that quality was kept to its target. It reduced our wastage from 30% on some lines and targets to less than 1%. With its background in education and training, 8tones was able to quickly identify which talent could take on more responsibility and which required more oversight. It also assisted our clients in their product design by iterating on initial designs so that they could meet the manufacturing capabilities of our township creatives. We believe that if 8Tones approach of introducing operating disciplines as well as skills and capability building is expanded, it can be a powerful force for good is establishing township based CMTs and growing our local textile manufacturing economy.

Our consulting agency is here to work hand in hand with creatives, corporates and retailers to support and grow the South African and African creative economy. Through procurement, product development, education and manufacturing we assist in navigating the most efficient way to achieve the highest quality outcome.

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